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Start accepting orders for wedding dress II that you can wear for a lifetime

This year, we will start accepting orders for ties made from the same fabric as the “Wedding Dress II that can be worn for a lifetime” made with Nishijin textile.

Nishijin-ori is woven with polyester, so it is resistant to water and friction, and is easier to handle than silk Nishijin-ori. Nishijin weave that lives up to the present day where you can enjoy the soft texture and elegant luster that are not inferior to silk.

The Nishijin textile dress is hand embroidered.
The embroidery is designed by Daisuke Tanaka , an embroidery designer.

There is also a non-embroidered type that allows you to simply enjoy Nishijin weave.

The necktie also uses the same Nishijin fabric.

It is a set-up dress, and it is named "a wedding dress that can be worn for a lifetime" with the desire to wear it not only for weddings but also for important life events.


Wearing Tops▼

It will be completely made-to-order.

Order period: 1/18~2/6 (possibility of extension)

Delivery is scheduled for spring without embroidery.
Embroidery is scheduled for summer.

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About the fitting party

A fitting event will be held on 1/30 (Sun) in Tokyo and Shibuya area.
As a measure to prevent corona infection, we have a small number of people and a complete reservation system.
Please apply using the form below. (Also see tie)


Dress Size: Free
Tops: Length 47.5cm Bust 72~85cm
Skirt 80: Length 80cm Waist 58~70cm
Skirt 90: Length 90cm Waist 58~70cm

Skirt 80 (model height 160cm)

Skirt 90 (model height 160cm)

Click here for drawing by height

Tie Size:
Total length: about 148cm
Large sword width: 7cm


Setup embroidery included 195,000 yen + tax
No setup embroidery 105,000 yen + tax

Necktie 15,000 yen + tax

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