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Yakihaku Collection

Yakihaku Collection

Baked leaf is made by wrapping Japanese paper with silver leaf using lacquer, and then discoloring the plain silver foil by sulfurization. It is a technique that has been handed down since ancient times to bring out the rustic taste.

Originally, the baked foil was cut into threads of about 0.3 mm and woven into the Nishijin-ori sash, a technique called Hikihaku.

At Renakunatta, we started developing the Yakihaku Collection with the desire to create products that best convey the charm of baked foil before it is turned into foil.

This collection uses old leaf that has been aged for decades, so even the craftsmen cannot see the patterns that appear due to sulfuration. Please enjoy the subdued color and elegant luster of a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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