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    • Q.Do you ever restock items that are sold out?

      A.In general, we do not restock items that use dead stock. If we are able to purchase the same pattern from our supplier, we may resell it.

    • Q. How should I clean and iron?

      A.We recommend dry cleaning for silk products . Regarding the frequency, we ask the customer at the timing of "worried". Use a pressing cloth when ironing. For details, please see the quality display tag.

    • Q. How much is the shipping fee ?

      A. For products that are not listed as free shipping on the product page, the shipping fee is 1,000 yen in Japan.

    • Q.Is it possible to ship overseas?

      A.We also accept shipments to overseas. Shipping is basically EMS. Please note that shipping charges will be incurred even for items with free shipping within Japan.

    • Q.Can I return/refund the purchased product?

      A.In principle, we cannot accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective. Returns and exchanges due to defects are only accepted within 7 days after the product arrives, if the product has not been used.

    • Q. Where can I see the latest information?

      A. We will inform you on this site, but if you register for LINE, you will be notified, so it is recommended. → Click here to register as a friend

    • Q.Why haven't I received an email notifying me that my purchase has been completed?

      A.It may not reach you if you use mobile carrier mail (docomo, ezweb, i.sofbank, etc.). Please use a non-carrier email address when registering.