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Renacnatta is a brand that develops items that combine Italian and Japanese materials with the concept of "wearing culture".
The brand name is derived from the use of "no longer used" fabrics and the use of "no longer used" materials and techniques. The main item is a wrap skirt made of unused dead stock high-quality silk made in the Como region of northern Italy.

We are also developing products in collaboration with companies and craftsmen who have inherited the traditional crafts of the declining industry that have been made more than before.
- Nishijin Textile
- Gold - Hand printing - Kurume Kasuri - Tango crepe

Get to know Renac Natta

Thoughts of Renac Natta. We want to be a brand that spreads “wearing culture”

Renacnatta's 4 policies for "manufacturing" | Sustainable fashion that connects traditional crafts


Aika Okochi

Born in Yokohama in 1991. CEO of Dodici Co., Ltd.
director designer.
Moved to Milan, Italy at the age of 15. Graduated from Istituto Europeo di Design Milan (European Institute of Design, abbreviated as IED), majoring in advertising and communication. In February 2016, he launched the brand renacnatta, which develops items that combine materials such as dead stock and traditional crafts from Japan and Italy. He also works on rebranding and product production for companies and traditional craft companies. Currently living in two bases, Japan and Italy.


2020 Kyoshin Local Entrepreneur Award Excellence Award
2021 Kyoto Female Entrepreneur Award (Entrepreneur Award) Kyoto Governor Excellence Award


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