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Kiryu-zaiku Collection

Kiryu-zaiku Collection

Traditional handicrafts made from ``Koryanagi'', a kind of willow that has been growing wild in Japan for a long time. This is a collection of "Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku". Kori willow also has an elegant luster, and its high quality is loved by the imperial family. It is a durable and long-lasting traditional craft that can be passed down from parent to child if used with care.

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Sold outKiryu-zaiku Basket - NeroKiryu-zaiku Basket - Nero
Kiryu-zaiku Basket - Nero Sale price¥66,000
Sold outKiryu-zaiku Basket - CognacKiryu-zaiku Basket - Cognac
Kiryu-zaiku Basket - Cognac Sale price¥66,000
Sold outKiryu-zaiku Basket - BiancoKiryu-zaiku Basket - Bianco
Kiryu-zaiku Basket - Bianco Sale price¥66,000