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Urushi Collection

Urushi Collection

At renacnatta, we dared to choose baroque pearls, which are considered imperfect as pearls, and covered them with lacquer and gold leaf to make them shine even more, taking the bumps, fine scratches, color unevenness, and distortion as individuality.

What Renakunatta embodies in the Urushi Collection is the spirit of kintsugi, which has been passed down from ancient times in Japan.

Kintsugi is a traditional technique of repairing broken vessels with lacquer. Even the fact that it is chipped is accepted as the history of the vessel, and the scars of gold overlaid on the lacquer are also called "landscapes" that have only one beauty in the world.

Not only can it be used as an item for special occasions, but it can also be used as daily jewelry to brighten and beautifully color your day.

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Bicolor Baroque Pearl EarringsBicolor Baroque Pearl Earrings
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Sold outAkoya Loose Baroque Pearl EarringsAkoya Loose Baroque Pearl Earrings