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Year-end and New Year holidays and sales in January

Closed period: 12/26~1/3
Our online shop is open and you can order any products that are in stock.
Shipping and replying to inquiries will be after 1/4 lines.

Scheduled to be sold in January
Nishijin Mask new colors will be on sale from the 9th, and from the 16th we will be selling stocks of Nishijin collection spring/summer/autumn/winter skirts.
As for the skirt, it was prepared as a spare when we ordered it, so we only have a small amount available. Thank you for your understanding.

For both products, we will announce visuals and details on SNS, so please look forward to it.

Have a nice Christmas. And happy new year🎍
I would be happy if I could shine a light on the culture that should remain in 2021 and share it with everyone in a fun and beautiful way.
Thank you very much.