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Nishijin Mask new color sale

Nishijin Mask will be on sale again this year.

Sales are scheduled from 10:00 AM on Saturday, January 9th.
(Details at the bottom of the page.)

1. Nishijin Mask Primavera (Spring)

Image 9

image 1

image 2

1. Nishijin Mask Estate (Summer)

image 10

Image 3

Image 4

3. Nishijin Mask Autunno (Autumn)

image 11

image 5

Image 6

4. Nishijin Mask Inverno (Winter)

image 12

image 7

Image 8

Product Details

image 13

S (for children to adult women)
Approximately 12cm x 16cm (measured along the shape of the mask)
M (for adult women and adult men)
Approximately 13cm x 18cm (measured along the shape of the mask)

*For Primavera (spring) and Inverno (winter), the vertical length may be 5mm shorter due to the nature of the fabric. Thank you for your understanding.


3200 yen + tax
Free shipping campaign from 1/9 to 15. (After 1/16: shipping fee 500 yen)


Front: 100% polyester Back: 100% cotton
Nishijin-ori is woven with polyester, so it is resistant to water and friction, and is easier to handle than silk Nishijin-ori. Nishijin weave that lives up to the present day where you can enjoy the soft texture and elegant luster that are not inferior to silk.

The lining is triple gauze and has a triple gauze pocket.
The mask itself is not an antiviral mask, but the following effects are the same as general cloth masks.
・Prevents contact infections by unconsciously touching the nose and mouth with hands ・Prevents dry throat and protects mucous membranes ・Prevents infecting people through droplets

*There is no nose wire.
*The elastic will be sent untied, so please adjust the length to suit you and tie it.

We will ship within a week after you place your order, so please enjoy the Nishijin woven mask in this cold winter!