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[Media] Published in Forbes JAPAN

An article about "Kiryu-zaiku Basket" was posted on Forbes JAPAN . “Leaving a 1200-year-old tradition” Culturepreneur’s way of rewriting the future

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[Media] Published in Kobe Shimbun NEXT

An article about "Kiryu-zaiku Basket" was published in Kobe Shimbun NEXT . A traditional craft of kiryu zaiku, into a luxurious basket bag Sold out within an hour of its release Toyooka crafts...

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[Media] Appeared in the Kitakinki Keizai Shimbun

An article about "Kiryu-zaiku Basket" was published in Kitakinki Keizai Shimbun.

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[Media] published in designing

I was interviewed by designing. to carry on the culture. Dodici Aika Okochi takes on the challenge ``reasonably''

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[Media] VOCE June issue and MAQUIA June issue

An interview article was published in the June issue of VOCE and the June issue of MAQUIA.

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[Media] Posted on Mynavi Woman

I was interviewed by Mynavi Woman. We Asked Entrepreneur Aika Okochi "How to Ask Others for a Job"

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[Media] Posted on

I was interviewed by A D2C fashion brand that embraces culture. I want to give proper value to traditional industries

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[Media] Posted in Tsuginojidai

I was interviewed by Tsuginojidai. Nishijin Textile is also updated An apparel brand that “wears culture” nurtured with fans

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[Media] Online talk session hosted by Lancôme

Representative Okochi appeared as a guest at an online talk session hosted by LANCÔME. Digital Entrepreneurship-Connecting Italy and Japan to Create New Value-Ms. Aika Okochi Appears as a Guest!...

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