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Notice of order for wedding dress II that can be worn for a lifetime

Last year, we received a favorable reception for the "wedding dress that you can wear for a lifetime" made with Nishijin weaving, and we will release the "wedding dress that you can wear for a lifetime II" on February 15th with slightly different colors and designs. A necktie using the same Nishijin fabric is also scheduled to be released at the same time.

What's different:
・The color is now off-white rather than white. ・The chest part of the top is more roomy. ・The width of the pleats on the collar has been narrowed in the image of a kimono. ・The length of the skirt has been increased from 80cm to 90cm. You can now also choose

The design of the pattern of the fabric and the design of the embroidery have taken over the previous one.

Photos are without embroidery.

It is a set-up dress, and it is named "a wedding dress that can be worn for a lifetime" with the desire to wear it not only for weddings but also for important life events.

Click here for the details of the first wedding dress that you can wear for a lifetime.

This time, it will be completely made-to-order, and orders will be placed from 2/21 to 28, and the product is scheduled to be delivered around summer. (Detailed schedule will be announced as soon as it is decided)

We will hold fitting events in Tokyo and Osaka.

Tokyo (Shibuya area): 2/21 (Sun)
Osaka (Nakazakicho area): 2/27 (Sat)

As a countermeasure against corona infection, we will be responding to one person (maximum two people) with a complete reservation system. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to try it on.
The fitting session may be canceled depending on the situation. Thank you for your understanding.

We have started booking appointments.
Please fill out and send from here .

Reservation period for Tokyo venue: 2/8-2/17
Reservation period for Osaka venue: 2/8-2/23

In addition, we will also publish photos of models wearing each system so that the sense of size can be conveyed online as much as possible.

Setup embroidery included 195,000 yen + tax
No setup embroidery 105,000 yen + tax
Single top with embroidery 65,000 yen + tax
Single top without embroidery 45,000 yen + tax
Single skirt with embroidery 145,000 yen + tax
Single skirt without embroidery 75,000 yen + tax
Necktie 15,000 yen + tax

Details (drawing and delivery schedule, etc.) will be released on February 15th.

I would be happy if this dress could be a part of your life.