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Nishijin Parasol

Nishijin Parasol

A parasol made with Kyoto's traditional craft "Nishijin textile". As a feature of Nishijin-ori, you can enjoy how the pattern looks and the color changes depending on the angle at which the light hits it.
In addition, we paid particular attention to the patterns and colors of the weave on the back so that you can enjoy the back side of the Nishijin weave when you put the parasol on.

The partner is Kajikinran, who has a factory in Nishijin, Kyoto. I tried to weave with cotton, which is rare in Nishijin textiles.

The parasol was produced by Onouchi Shoten, which was also founded in Kyoto in 1903 . The umbrellas are handcrafted by craftsmen, and they pay close attention to the tension of the fabric. This creates a beautiful curve and extends the life of the umbrella.

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