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Tango 2Way Dress

Tango 2Way Dress

A two-way dress using Tango crepe. We are aiming for a new tradition by combining Tango's Chirimen, which has been producing textiles for over 1300 years , and Renakunatta's approach.

Tango Chirimen is produced by Usui Orimono. Orimoto is expanding new possibilities for chirimen by making use of the techniques that have been handed down over generations.

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Tango 2Way Dress - NeroTango 2Way Dress - Nero
Tango 2Way Dress - Nero Sale price¥34,100
Sold outTango 2Way Dress - VermilionTango 2Way Dress - Vermilion
Tango 2Way Dress - Vermilion Sale price¥34,100