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Thoughts of Renac Natta. We want to be a brand that spreads “wearing culture”

Renacnatta is a brand that develops items that combine Italian and Japanese materials under the concept of “wearing culture”.

The word “wearing culture” comes from the desire to protect the universal value that traditional crafts have inherited over the years and leave them for future generations. I would like as many people as possible to enjoy the beautiful culture that Japan has spun, recreating it in a way that fits the modern world.

And we want to become a brand that spreads the beauty and value of traditional crafts, not just by ourselves, but by wearing them together with everyone .

This time, I would like to introduce our philosophy.

Breathe life into the "no longer available"

Renacnatta is the origin of the brand name that the dead stock silk that has been used in Japan and Italy is reborn as a new one .

The "Deadstock Collection", which has been on sale since the brand started in 2016, is a reversible skirt using silk kimono rolls procured in Japan and deadstock silk from Italy.

The representative, Aika Okochi, grew up in Italy and has roots, so it is characterized by the combination of Japanese silk and Italian silk, materials with different backgrounds that would not normally meet.

In addition, Nishijin Set Up Dress with Embroidery - Bianco | Wedding dress II ” and “ Kinsai Collection ” that conveys the charm of gold color are also available.

By creating opportunities for people to learn about these traditional crafts, we aim to protect the livelihoods and industries of the creators so that they can continue to make them in the future.

Connecting the “universal value” of traditional crafts to the future

The reason why we are particular about “no longer” is because we find “universal value” in it .

Representative Okochi moved to Italy at the age of 15, living in an apartment built in the 1800s, and seeing Renaissance paintings in churches and museums from the 3rd century, surrounded by things that have remained unchanged from the old days. I've been living like this for over 10 years.

After that, I started to have a base in Kyoto, and I had more opportunities to come into contact with Japanese traditional crafts, and I came to experience the splendor of Japanese craftsmanship. At the same time, I also learned that they are in a very difficult situation.

When you actually touch traditional crafts, you can understand why they have been handed down from hundreds to thousands of years ago. There is certainly a "universal value" there, and I am simply fascinated by the technology.

Renac Natta was born from the desire to create options for wearing while feeling the culture, the history of materials, and the thoughts of craftsmen through new manufacturing that takes advantage of this value. I want to see a world in which “something with unchanging value” remains, and the people who can leave it to work lively. Such thoughts are our driving force.

And this is also connected to the challenge of the modern apparel industry, where trends change rapidly and many clothes are thrown away.

Currently, about 3.3 billion items, or 1 million tons of clothes, are thrown away every year in Japan. While the term sustainable fashion has been coined and the era of mass production and mass disposal is coming to an end, there are still not many brands that have found a solution to this big problem.

The universal craftsmanship of traditional craftsmen is exactly the opposite of mass production and mass consumption . Our clothes making is often involved from thread making. This takes a lot of time and effort. That is why it is necessary to carefully deliver to the customer's hand by selling a limited number of items in stock and by making to order, and I can confidently say that it is worth it.

In addition, the universal beauty and quality of traditional crafts can be worn for a long time. For this reason, Renacnatta strives to create timeless, basic designs that can be used for a long time, and to create items that customers spend a long time with .

A brand like media that spreads “wearing culture” together

Renachnatta aims to convey "universal values", but in order to spread and protect these values, it is not enough for us to simply communicate their appeal.

In order to spread this, we need the power of "sympathizers", that is, you who are reading this article right now.

People who agree with the idea wear it, and it becomes a topic around the people who wear it, and it spreads and spreads. hoping.

I would like to work with you towards a future where what should be left remains. Through fashion, I would like to deepen my knowledge of traditional crafts together and create a media that spreads the idea of ​​“wearing culture”.

Finally, we would like to introduce the media that have covered Okochi's thoughts and the history of Renac Natta. If you are curious about the brand, I would be happy if you could read this as well.

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