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How to care for the parasol "Nishijin Parasol"

Umbrellas that I usually use casually. It is not well known, but each one is made of 40 to 50 parts. For this reason, umbrellas, which tend to be thought of as being durable, are also very delicate.

renacnatta's parasol "Nishijin Parasol" is a parasol that uses Nishijin textile fabric and is packed with attention to manufacturing.

We have summarized the things that we would like you to be careful about so that you can use our products safely for a long time.

Things to keep in mind when using a parasol

Do not rotate while inserting

"Nishijin Parasol" uses a "Rokuro" (cover for opening and closing without touching the metal part) to prevent fingers from getting caught when opening and closing.

When you turn the umbrella, centrifugal force is applied to the potter's wheel and handle, causing a heavy burden. Avoid doing so as much as possible as it may cause malfunction.

When opening the umbrella, lightly shake it to "loosen" the fabric.

When opening the umbrella, remove the clasp, shake it lightly to loosen the fabric, and then open it slowly.

Also, if you apply too much force when unfastening the clasp, the fabric will easily fray. If you take good care of it, it will last a long time.

Do not use when it rains

Even a little rain will cause the fabric to shrink, so please do not use it when it is raining. Please be careful not to get water other than rain as much as possible. If it gets wet, please dry it completely before storing.

Also, do not use it during strong winds or abnormal weather. It may be damaged.

Do not use waterproof sprays or UV cut sprays

Problems such as dust sticking to the fabric, burning and stickiness of the fabric are likely to occur.

Storage and repair

Storage method when not in use for a long time

Protect the area around the umbrella with paper, etc., and store it in a dry, dark place. It is recommended to keep it in the box in which it was shipped.

The fabric may be burned by ultraviolet rays if left for a long time, even in windows, entrances, and room lighting. Choose a well-ventilated, dark place as a damp place may cause rust and mold.

About repair

Damage to the frame or handle may be repairable. Although it will be charged, please feel free to contact us if it breaks during use.

So that you can wear the culture of "Nishijin textile" for a long time

Unlike mass-produced parasols, "Nishijin Parasol" takes a little time and effort to handle and store. However, once you get the hang of how to use it, you can keep using it for a long time.

Enjoy the beauty of Nishijin textiles and the careful work of handmade umbrellas as you spend the summer with Nishijin Parasol.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
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