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[Press release] A bag that connects the local and sustainable traditional crafts of “Toyooka Kiryuzaiku”, which has been around for 1200 years, to the future, will be released from “renacnatta” on January 30 (Monday)

January 10, 2023
Dodici Co., Ltd.

D2C brand renacnatta developed by Dodici Co., Ltd. (read: Dodichi, CEO: Aika Okochi) has released a basket-shaped bag “Kiryu-zaiku Basket” made from Hyogo Prefecture’s traditional craft “Toyooka ryuzaiku”. I will.

Based on the concept of "wearing culture," renacnatta is a brand that mainly develops wrap skirts that combine traditional Japanese and Italian materials. The item to be announced this time is a collaboration with Mr. Kaori Yamamoto, a craftsman of the traditional industry "Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku" in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture. In response to the reality that traditional crafts that have been made with sustainable methods for 1200 years are about to disappear, we announced items that maximize the original value and quality of "Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku".

<Points of this release>
・"Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku" has continued for 1200 years as a local and sustainable traditional craft.
・Resolving the issues of “Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku” and selling new bags that connect to the future ・Renewing the image of basket bags. Combined with leather for an elegant item

■ Kiryu-zaiku Basket Product Overview

Product name: Kiryu-zaiku Basket (Nero, Cognac, Bianco)
Price: 66,000 yen Size: Basket H: 15.5cm W: 23cm D: 12cm / Handle H: 12cm Length: 36cm
Sales location: Renacnatta official website
Order period: January 29, 2023 (Sunday) 21:00, 30th (Monday) 21:00 to February 8 (Wednesday) 23:59
*The sales start date and time has been changed from 29th (Sun) to 30th (Mon) at 21:00.

Delivery time: Around April 2023 Scheduled to be shipped sequentially * This product is made to order.
*Delivery time will be in order of application.
* Reception will end as soon as the upper limit is reached.

●Exhibition <br>On the first day of sales, an exhibition will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo, where you can hold the "Kiryu-zaiku Basket" in your hands.
Date: January 29, 2023 (Sun) 12:00-18:00
■Venue: Novore (17-9-401 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
■Access: 10 minutes walk from Shibuya Station

●Exhibition for media <br>In advance of the exhibition for general customers, we will hold an exhibition for the media. On the day of the event, you will be able to see the items in person. The representative, Mr. Okochi, will be at the venue, so interviews are also possible. In addition, we would appreciate it if you could consult with media personnel in the Kansai area on an individual basis at our head office in Kyoto. Please feel free to contact us at for individual interview consultations.

Date and time: Sunday, January 29, 2023 10:00-12:00
■Venue: Novore (17-9-401 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

■Access: 10 minutes on foot from Shibuya station / Exit the station from the west exit, go up the overpass on the left and cross to the opposite side of 246. Head down the stairs toward Family Mart. Go up Sakurazaka between Family Mart and IKEBE Gakki. The first room on the 4th floor is novore (Room 401). *There are no elevators or escalators.
* Due to the progress of the event, the schedule for the day may be changed without prior notice. Please note.
* Due to the venue, applications for participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and up to 2 people will be able to participate per media.
*If you would like to interview the person concerned individually, please contact the PR secretariat in advance.

▼ Attendance reply form:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could reply from the form regarding whether or not you can attend by 17:00 on Friday, January 27th.

■ Connecting local and sustainable traditional crafts that have continued for 1200 years to the future

"Toyooka Kiryanagi" is a traditional craft made from "Koriyanagi", a type of willow that grows naturally in Japan for a long time, and has a history of 1200 years. Unlike other basket weaving materials, it is a craft that has been handed down using plants that are suitable for the climate of Japan.

In addition, the material is dyed using the “skin” of the kori willow, which was originally supposed to be thrown away. Upcycling has been commonplace due to the ancient wisdom of valuing things.

Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku is sustainable, but it faces many challenges, such as a decrease in the number of creators and buyers, and the difficulty of setting an appropriate price that matches the technology. It is so serious that it is said that it is an industry that may not exist in 100 years. Renakunatta, who has faced many issues in the traditional craft industry, will update this traditional craft to the present age and connect it to the future.

■ Conveying the original value of "Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku" and offering appropriate wages to craftsmen

"Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku" is a product that takes a lot of time and effort to grow, cut and process the koriyanagi, the material, by the craftsmen themselves. By taking that time and effort, a basket with a beautiful luster and high quality is completed. However, today's kiyanagi zaiku is often designed as a so-called "basket bag" that is casual and cheap, and the reality is that little money is returned to the craftsmen. Renacnatta aims to pay appropriate wages by setting appropriate prices, which is different from conventional kiyanagi zaiku.

Leather (genuine leather) is used for the Kiryu-zaiku Basket in order to bring out a sense of luxury that matches the original value. With the luster that is characteristic of kori willow, and the beauty of aging that comes from continuing to use leather, it will become a more classical and high-quality item over time.

■Birth of a bag that can be used for a long time, combining elegance and lightness

"Toyooka Kiryu Zaiku" has a long history and is characterized by being light and easy to handle. It is an item with high functionality that has been used in the Kabuki scene. At the same time, kori willow has an elegant luster, and its high quality is loved by the imperial family. It is a durable and long-lasting traditional craft that can be passed down from parent to child if used with care.

As for the shape, by making it elliptical while securing the gusset, we also paid attention to the silhouette that gives a soft impression while still being able to securely store luggage. It is large enough to fit not only your wallet and pouch, but also a 500ml plastic bottle.

In addition, the basket bag is originally a casual existence, but "Kiryu-zaiku Basket" overturns that common sense. This item, which has a classical atmosphere in combination with the leather (genuine leather) used to convey the high value of "Toyooka Kiyanagi Zaiku", will be fully active in the luxury scene. It can be used in hotels and restaurants, as well as with a T-shirt for short outings, regardless of the season.

■ "Kiryu-zaiku Basket" exhibition for the media

On Sunday, January 29, 2023, we will hold an exhibition for the media of "Kiryu-zaiku Basket". Mr. Okochi, the representative, will explain about the products and brands while seeing the items in person.
Date: January 29, 2023 (Sun) 10:00-12:00
Venue: Novore (17-9-401 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

▼ Attendance reply form:
We would appreciate it if you could reply from the form regarding whether or not you can attend by 17:00 on Friday, January 27th.


<Special interview with craftsman Kaori Yamamoto is now available>

An interview with Kaori Yamamoto, who works on "Kiryu-zaiku Basket", is now available on Renakunatta's official website.

<About Renac Natta>

A D2C brand that develops items that combine Italian and Japanese materials with the concept of “wearing culture”. The origin of the brand name is the concept that textiles that have been used and worn in Japan and Italy will be reborn into something new. In addition, as a second initiative, we will also develop products that have teamed up with craftsmen who have inherited traditional crafts that have been made more than before.

Official website:


*The sales start date and time has been changed from 29th (Sun) to 30th (Mon) at 21:00. (Information as of January 21, 2023)