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"Dead Stock Collection" A skirt wearing Japanese and Italian culture

" Dead Stock Collection " is a collection of skirts that are the basic line of renacnatta. For the items, we use two types of debt stock fabrics: kimono and Italian silk.

The fabric used for the kimono fabric is silk cloth procured in Japan. For silk, we use dead stock fabrics such as European high brands, mainly from Italy.

The "Dead Stock Collection" skirts are based on Renacnatta's philosophy of breathing life into things that are "unused" and "unwearable".

This time, we will introduce the lineup and charm of such "Dead Stock Collection", as well as our thoughts on the items.

Renac Natta's basic line "Dead Stock Collection"

Renac Natta's basic line "Dead Stock Collection" is a skirt collection that utilizes dead stock fabrics from Japan and Italy . For the dead stock fabrics, we use silk rolls procured in Japan and silk from high-end European brands, mainly from Italy.

The reversible skirt, which represents the collection, uses both Japanese fabric and Italian silk, and has been on sale since the brand started in 2016.

This was born from the concept of reborn into something new by fusing the two “lost” kimonos worn in Japan and the “lost” deadstock silk used in Italy. The brand name "renacnatta" also derives from this concept.

It is characterized by the combination of materials with different backgrounds, such as Japanese silk and Italian silk, which were originally not encountered, because Aika Okochi, the representative, was raised in Italy.

"Dead Stock Collection" lineup

Currently, the "Dead Stock Collection" has 3 types of skirts.

・Reversible Skirt Flare (length: about 74cm)
・Reversible Skirt Long Straight (length: about 80cm)
・Italian Silk Wrap Skirt (length: about 85cm)

"Reversible Skirt Flare" is a beautiful A-line skirt that spreads from the waistline to the hem. If you are around 160cm tall, the bottom hem line will be slightly below the knee.

"Reversible Skirt Long Straight" is a tight straight type skirt. It makes you look beautiful from the waist to the legs, and the length is an image of a line under the hem when worn by people around 160 cm tall.

“Italian Silk Wrap Skirt” is a wrap skirt that uses only Italian silk, and will be a new line released in 2022. Since it is not a reversible type, it is a straight skirt that can be worn lightly and lightly.

In response to everyone's requests, the length (85cm) is 5cm longer than usual.

All skirt sizes are free size with a waist of 50 to 80 cm. Since the waist is 80cm and the overlap is about 20cm, we recommend wearing a petticoat.

In addition, the hem is made of Italian silk and the kimono fabric is separate. The length of the kimono fabric is slightly longer, and the kimono fabric is slightly peeking out from the hem when the Italian silk is worn on the outside.

How to purchase items

"Dead Stock Collection" skirts are available in stock. All of them are basically limited quantity products that will not be restocked . If we are able to purchase the same pattern from the supplier, we may resell it.

The sales schedule is announced on SNS. If there is an item you want, please check it. Popular products and patterns may sell out quickly, so we recommend purchasing on the day they go on sale.

After a few days, we will process the shipment and deliver the product to you.

How to care for items

Dry cleaning is recommended for silk skirts to prevent shrinkage, loss of shape and color fading. As for the frequency, please ask when the customer is "worried".

If you want to wash your clothes at home, you can also use a laundry detergent that is recommended for dry cleaning, but it is your responsibility, so if you are worried, you can use it for a long time with peace of mind by sending it to a dry cleaning shop. .

Please also check this article for detailed care instructions.

An item that breathes life into "Renatta"

The reversible skirt of the "Dead Stock Collection" was born from the desire to breathe new life into kimonos and silks that are no longer used.

The Italian silks and kimono fabrics used by Renacnatta are all of very high quality. Despite this, in reality, they are no longer used or thrown away due to production reasons.

The reason why we are particular about “no longer” is because we find “universal value” in it .

When you actually touch Japanese traditional crafts, you can understand why they have been passed down from hundreds to thousands of years ago. At the same time, the reality is that the world of manufacturing in Japan faces various problems, including a shortage of successors.

We would like to see a world in which “something with unchanging value” remains in the future, and the people who are able to leave it behind work lively. I want to create the future together with people who can use valuable things carefully and create them.

Now that ethical and sustainable fashion is attracting attention, isn't it nice to have such a way to enjoy fashion?

Another feature is that the universal beauty of the kimono and silk used in our items can be worn for a long time. That's why the skirts of the Detox collection are designed with timeless basics.

Kimonos and silks have been breathed new life into skirts that we spend a lot of time with. We hope that you will wear the beauty that does not change over time and the traditional culture that has been handed down over time .

Selected high quality Italian silk

The Italian silk used by Renacnatta is all purchased in the Como region, which is famous for its high-quality silk . The vendor we buy from has a large amount of unused fabrics from Italian and European brands, as well as misprinted deadstock fabrics.

These purchases were made when Okochi, who grew up in Italy, learned from a friend studying fashion in Milan that there was a silk manufacturer that handled a large amount of dead stock fabrics.

Before long, the concept of a skirt that fused Japanese kimono and Italian silk was born, and business with traders began.

Although it is dead stock, the silk handled by Renac Natta is of very high quality. We purchase only fabrics that the representative Okochi is satisfied with in terms of design and quality.

The design is eye-catching and vivid, with a wide variety of attractive variations, from large flowers in full bloom to calm blue-based floral patterns.

Among them, there is also a silk with a design that makes you feel as if you are wearing a watercolor painting. All of them are basically non-restocked fabrics, so please enjoy the encounter only at that time.

We believe that mass purchasing of dead stock silk is only possible because we are proud of the fact that it is no longer available . Even today, Renacnatta purchases high-quality debt stock silk by having suppliers send photos and visiting the site directly whenever new fabrics come in.

Kimono made of 100% silk, where you can enjoy the colors and patterns

The dead stock fabric used for the kimono fabric is a roll of kimono procured in Japan. The material is 100% silk, and basic colors such as navy blue, brown, and gray are used.

There are various patterns, from fine lattice patterns to bold lines. The plain fabric also creates an elegant texture unique to kimono.

In addition, the “Dead Stock Collection” also offers the “Oshima Special Collection” using Oshima Tsumugi, a textile made in the Amami Islands (mainly Amami Oshima) in the south of Kagoshima Prefecture. Oshima Tsumugi, which is also a traditional craft, is a plain weave silk fabric that is hand-woven from hand-spun silk threads that have been mud-dyed.

Dyeing consists of nearly 50 processes, and it is said that the thread will be impregnated with iron, making it difficult for the clothes to fall apart or get eaten by moths, and that the fabric will last for generations to come. The beauty of the delicate folding pattern based on the unique dark brown color is also highly evaluated, and it is known as a luxury item among Japanese silk fabrics.

The skirt made of Oshima pongee is light and easy to wear even though it is pongee, and has a unique glossy texture that gives it a slightly formal feel.

The unique colors and patterns created by craftsmen are attractive, such as basic solid colors, patterns with red accents on a black background, large geometric patterns, and small vermilion flowers arranged in stripes.

The "Dead Stock Collection" reversible skirt is made by combining these kimonos with Italian silk. All of them are complete one-of-a-kind products born from the combination of dead stock .

Passing on the “universal value” that has been spun into the future

The "Dead Stock Collection" was born from the concept of reborn into something new by fusing the "no longer used" dead stock silks used in Japan and Italy.

The items born from the concept, which is the origin of the brand name, use 100% silk kimono and high-quality Italian silk purchased locally.

"Dead Stock Collection", "wearing the culture" of Japan and Italy. It contains our desire to protect the universal values ​​that have been handed down to the present day and leave them for the future.

I hope that as many people as possible will wear it and enjoy the beauty of the culture that has been woven over many years.


Written by: Shiho Nagata
Editing: Eri Yoshida

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