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Kinsai Ear Accessory - Bianco 02

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While the gold color is likened to jewelry, the free lines unique to gold color provide a sparkle that is different from that of embroidery and beads.

renacnatta gold

Kinsai is a traditional craft said to have been established in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, originally a process of applying gold leaf to Kyo-Yuzen kimonos. However, with the shift away from kimono, gold color is steadily declining.

At renacnatta, we wear Italian silk instead of kimono.
In addition, we are developing items that can be worn casually, such as ear accessories, where you can feel the gold color more familiar.

Ms. Natsuko Ueda, who works as a gold paint craftsman and gold paint artist in Kyoto, applies gold paint to each piece by hand.
The characteristic of Mr. Ueda's gold color is "Morikin", and the plump three-dimensional effect is attractive.

You can choose earrings or earrings.

I put it in the exclusive box and send it.

about 3 cm in diameter

・Cloth part
Outer material: Silk Lining: Synthetic leather
・Metal parts of earrings
Titanium *Titanium is a metal that does not easily cause allergies, but in rare cases, some people have metal allergies even with titanium. Please be careful when using.
・The metal part of the earring

Country of origin

About Returns <br>Unless the product is defective, we do not accept returns or exchanges. As a general rule, we accept returns and exchanges due to defects within 7 days of receiving the product, provided the product has not been used.
*Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
・When it is due to customer's convenience (customer's own color, image, size difference)
・If 7 days have passed since the product arrived ・If the product is soiled or damaged due to the customer's responsibility

Note ◾︎Kinsai is weak against water, so please do not get it wet. If it gets dirty, please gently dab it with a wet cotton swab so as not to touch the gold color.
◾︎Both gold and silk are delicate, so please do not apply strong friction.
◾︎If the gold color comes off, please contact us for maintenance. (Please note that a separate fee will be charged.)
◾︎We prepare products that are close to the image photos, but please understand that they are not exactly the same as each item is handmade by craftsmen.