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Kurume Kasuri Sacco

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A gentle texture unique to Kurume Kasuri

This item is sold as a bag and pocket set. By changing the side where the string is tied, the ribbon comes out, the pocket comes out, and it becomes an eco bag with a different expression.

The material of the bag is Kurume Kasuri woven from organic cotton.
Enjoy the color and texture of undyed organic cotton.

Removable pockets are made from Italian cotton.
This fabric is made from the leftover fabric from the Kurume Kasuri skirt that I announced last time, so you can choose from 3 types in total, just like the skirt.

This pocket can also be used as a storage bag when not using the eco bag.

Expression that changes depending on how the string is passed

It is also possible to replace various pockets for one bag because it is also available as a single pocket item.

*Actual pattern placement may vary depending on the cutting location, so it will not be the same as the image. Please note that you cannot choose the part of the pattern.

pocket pattern
3rd piece: Blue Flower
4th piece: Big Pansy
5th piece: Andrea (renacnatta original pattern made with the ceiling of an Italian church as a motif)

Material: Cotton (Bag: Kurume Kasuri, Pocket: Italian cotton)
Size: Length 50cm x Width 28.5cm x Depth 8cm
Pocket size is 10cm long x 11cm wide
(Some errors may occur for each product.)

made in Japan

We plan to ship within one week of your order.

・It is recommended that you use a neutral detergent, dehydrate thoroughly, and hang dry in the shade.
・Since organic cotton is used, fine black dots may be seen on the surface. These are cotton sepals and seeds, so there is no quality problem. Please note that this is a characteristic of organic cotton.
・In order to maintain the unique texture of organic cotton, avoid using detergents containing chlorine bleach or fluorescent brighteners as much as possible.

Kurume Kasuri Sacco
Kurume Kasuri Sacco Sale price$52.40