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Reversible Skirt - Kurume Kasuri Maxi

Sale price¥38,500

Please read the product page to the end before purchasing.

Order period and estimated shipping date

Order period: 5/22-6/7
As this is a made-to-order product, shipping is scheduled for mid-August. We will contact you when we have a prospect of shipping. Please note that it will take time to deliver.

Kurume Kasuri Maxi

A maxi-length reversible skirt that combines Kurume Kasuri and Italian cotton fabric. Kurume Kasuri is a cotton fabric produced mainly in the Chikugo region of Fukuoka, and its technique is designated as an important intangible cultural property of Japan.

This product is a semi-order type,
・Length is 75cm or 85cm
・Two types of Kurume Kasuri patterns ・Three types of Italian cotton patterns You can order any combination from the above. The waist size is adjustable, so the free size covers 50-80cm.

The Italian cotton and Kurume Kasuri hem are separate, and the Kurume Kasuri is a little longer, so when you wear the Italian cotton on the outside, you can see the kimono material from the hem.

Flow until delivery

Semi-order the combination of fabrics and length (at the order meeting or online) → Dyeing the thread → Fabric production → Product production → Delivery (scheduled for mid-August)
After receiving the order, the yarn is dyed, and the craftsmen carefully weave it. Therefore, it will take some time, but I hope you will look forward to it.
The sewing of the product is also a domestic factory.

Product Details


Free size (length: about 75cm or Approximately 85cm waist: 50~80cm)
We do not accept returns if the size does not fit, so please check your own nude waist size before purchasing.


100% cotton

Country of origin

made in Japan

About maintenance

・It is recommended that you use a neutral detergent, dehydrate thoroughly, and hang dry in the shade. Tap lightly to smooth out wrinkles and dry to make ironing easier.
・Natural detergents are recommended. Avoid using detergents containing bleach or fluorescent agents. A gentle hand wash will make it last longer.
・Please refrain from using bleach or dryer as it may cause discoloration and pain.
・The color may fade slightly at the beginning of use. Single washing is recommended.

combination of patterns: