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Reversible Skirt Long Straight - Rosso

Sale price¥39,600

A flare type reversible skirt that combines dead stock kimono fabric and dead stock Italian silk.
A tight straight type that makes you look beautiful from the waist to the legs.
The hem part of the Italian silk and the kimono fabric are separate, and the kimono fabric is a little longer, so when you wear the Italian silk on the outside, you can see the kimono fabric from the hem.

The kimono fabric is a special Oshima collection that uses Oshima Tsumugi dead stock.

A collection using high-class textiles, Oshima Tsumugi.
Oshima Tsumugi is a textile made as a traditional craft of the Amami archipelago (mainly Amami Oshima) in the south of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is a plain weave silk fabric hand-woven from hand-spun silk threads that have been mud-dyed.
Dyeing consists of nearly 50 processes, and it is said that the thread will be impregnated with iron, making it difficult for the clothes to fall apart or get eaten by moths, and that the fabric will last for generations to come. The beauty of the delicate folding pattern based on the unique dark brown color is also highly evaluated, and it is known as a luxury item among Japanese silk fabrics.
Although it is pongee, it is light and easy to wear, and its unique glossy texture gives it a slightly formal feel.

Free size (length: about 80cm waist: 50~82cm)
We recommend wearing a petticoat because the waist is 82cm and the overlap is about 20cm.

Kimono: 100% silk (made in Japan)
Silk: 100% silk (made in Italy)

Country of origin
made in Japan

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Notes ■Actual colors may differ from the posted photos due to monitor settings.
■It may differ from the image due to the cutting of the fabric.

■Depending on the fabric, wrinkles are likely to form, and creases may appear when folded. Please check the quality label on the product tag before ironing.
■Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent silk from shrinking, losing its shape, and fading in color.

Reversible Skirt Long Straight -  Rosso
Reversible Skirt Long Straight - Rosso Sale price¥39,600