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How to wind and care for Renac Natta's reversible skirt

There are several reversible wrap skirts in the renacnatta lineup, such as the " Dead Stock Collection " and " Kurume-gasuri Collection ".

>>Dead Stock Collection

>> Kurume-gasuri Collection

In this article, we will introduce tips on how to wrap a skirt and how to care for it so that you can wear it neatly and use it for a long time.

how to wrap a skirt

Even if the shape is different for each collection, the winding method is basically the same. This method is the recommended way to wear the most beautiful.

①Put the skirt on from the waist so that the tag is at the bottom.
Whether the Italian silk is on the front or the kimono is on the front, the side with the tag will be on the bottom.

② Wrap around the waist and pass the ribbon through the hole in the back.

③ Adjust the overlap neatly.

④ Remove the ribbon that has been passed through the hole and tighten it according to the waist.

⑤ Tie a bow.
The video on how to tie a bow is easy to understand, so please click here.

⑥ Completion!
If the Italian fabric is on the front side, the overlap will be reversed.

Extra <br>Tuck up the waist and expose the fabric on the back for a belt-like accent. You can wear it with a slightly shorter length, and it will change your mood, so it is recommended.

How to care for your skirt

Care Instructions for "Dead Stock Collection" (Silk Fabric)

Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent shrinkage, deformation and color fading of the silk. Regarding the frequency, we would like to ask you at the timing when the customer is "worried".

If you prefer to wash your clothes at home, you can also use a laundry detergent recommended for dry cleaning. Please wash by hand according to the instructions for each detergent. When drying, it is recommended that you do not dehydrate as much as possible and shape it while it is still wet and dry it in the shade .

Laundry at home is your responsibility , so if you are unsure, you can use it for a long time with peace of mind by sending it to a cleaning shop.

In addition to washing, if you want to iron it, set the temperature to "medium" and apply a pressing cloth.

How to care for "Kurume-gasuri Collection" (cotton fabric)

Use a neutral detergent to thoroughly dehydrate and hang dry in the shade . A gentle hand wash will make it last longer. Tap lightly to smooth out wrinkles and dry to make ironing easier.

We recommend using natural detergents. Please refrain from using detergents or dryers containing bleach or fluorescent agents, as this may cause discoloration and damage .

The color may fade slightly at the beginning of use, so it is recommended to wash it separately. Again, set the temperature of the iron to "medium" and apply a pressing cloth.

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