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Renacnatta's 4 policies for "manufacturing" | Sustainable fashion that connects traditional crafts

renacnatta is a brand that develops items with the theme of "wearing culture".

Our concept of “wearing culture” comes from our desire to protect the values ​​that traditional crafts have inherited over the years and leave them for future generations. We aim to create products that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible by recreating the beautiful culture that Japan has spun in a way that fits the modern world.

And this is also connected to the challenge of the modern apparel industry, where trends change rapidly and many clothes are thrown away.

Currently, about 780,000 tons of clothes are thrown away every year in Japan. (* 1 ) While the terms sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, and slow fashion have been coined, and the era of mass production and mass disposal is coming to an end, not many brands have yet found a solution to this major problem.

In this article, I will tell you how Renakunatta is facing challenges through the four things that are important in creating items that "wear culture".

1 Craftsmanship

Since the brand started in 2016, Renac Natta has consistently made use of traditional Japanese techniques to create items that connect to the future.

The basic line "Deadstock Collection" is a reversible skirt made of kimono cloth procured in Japan and deadstock silk from Italy. This item was born from the fact that the representative, Aika Okochi, has Italian roots.

In addition, as items that have teamed up with companies and craftsmen who have inherited the traditional crafts of Shayo Sangyo, "Wedding dresses that can be worn for a lifetime" made with Nishijin textiles, "Kinsai Ear Accessories" that make use of gold painting techniques, and Tango Chirimen. We are also developing “Tango Mermaid Wrap Skirt” that wears.

Every item starts with the craftsmanship of traditional craftsmen. Taking advantage of that wonderfulness, I think first about how to convey it, so it doesn't end with just selling clothes.

When selling, I try to convey the beauty of traditional crafts, the culture that has been passed down, and even the challenges. When you don't know it and when you know it, the value you feel in itself should change a lot. Please try to wear it after knowing the background of manufacturing related to each item.

2 partnership

Renacnatta's items are only possible because of our important partners who work together to create them.

Craftsmen of traditional crafts

Partnerships with everyone who makes things together are more important than anything else. I always listen to the voices of the craftsmen and think about what kind of item to make.

And we aim to create an environment where craftsmen can continue to make profits as healthy as possible by creating relationships and items that can be asked for work for a long time, rather than ending with a one-time festival.

Everyone who makes clothes

Currently, only about 2% (* 2 ) of the clothes sold in Japan are manufactured in Japan. We are particular about manufacturing in Japan, and we are making clothes with partners who have high technology.

Renakunatta always asks Sewing Sugi in Yamaguchi Prefecture for sewing. We are a reliable partner who not only makes things, but also imagines the customers who will receive the items in the end, and you can feel that we are making things together.

Dear fans

Lastly, we must never forget the people who are fans of Renac Natta.

The universal value and beauty of traditional crafts cannot be completed just by communicating them. Wearing this together, we will spread the beauty and value of traditional crafts. We always have an image of creating one "media" with our fans. And with everyone who supports our efforts, Renacnatta can always take on new challenges.

3 Items that can be used together for a long time

The universal beauty and quality of traditional crafts are something that can be worn with care for a long time. For this reason, Renacnatta strives to create basic and long-lasting designs that are not influenced by trends, and to create items that customers spend a long time with.

In addition, we are particular about design that can be worn regardless of age or body shape so that it can continue to be loved by people for a long time. This is also the reason why Renakunatta's skirt is a wrap skirt.

If the gold color of the item you purchased has peeled off or has become dull, we can also repair it.

4 Manufacturing without waste

A common problem in the traditional fashion industry is the mass production of low-priced products and the mass disposal of unsold products. Under such circumstances , Renacnatta has come as a brand that does not waste inventory and does not waste .

A brand that aims to convey the techniques and beauty of traditional crafts would be putting the cart before the horse if it were to produce unsold clothes or discard clothes as a result. If you go to the site and know the high level of technology, labor, and hardships, you can't take such an option.

Therefore, for items that use traditional crafts , we carry out made-to-order production after clearly conveying the production background, and sell a limited number of stocks. Renakunatta items may have to wait until they are delivered, or they are only available for a limited time, but to our fans who share the joy of carefully delivering them to our customers. I've been making it up.

I have also decided not to do any sales. The first customer who bought it at the list price should be the number 1 fan. I would like to be as sincere as possible with those who support Renacnatta's manufacturing.

We will continue to manufacture carefully so that everyone involved in Renac Natta can live a rich life and increase the population.


Writing and editing: Eri Yoshida

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