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How to wrap a scarf | The first thing you want to learn is "basic folding method"

How to wrap a scarf that tends to be difficult. However, as long as you can tie a tight knot, you can make about 10 different scarf wrapping variations.

Once you know how to do it, arranging a scarf is a reliable item that makes the impression very easy and gorgeous.

This time, we will introduce the "basic folding method" that is indispensable when starting to wrap such a scarf. Many scarf arrangements start from this "basic folding method".

If this folding method is neat, not only will the styling be determined, but it will also be less likely to fall apart. Please learn and enjoy the fashion of scarves.

The "basic folding method" that you want to learn first is completed in 4 steps

① Place the back of the scarf upside down

② Hold the corner of the scarf and fold it

Fold the corner of one side so that it protrudes 5 to 7 cm from the cross in the center of the scarf. Fold the other corner in the same way so that the ends of the scarf overlap.

③ Fold it about 5 cm wide from both sides

If you are worried about the short neck, you may be able to adjust it by narrowing the width of the fold. Please try to find the width that fits your body shape.

④Fold it in half

Put the folded part up and put it around your neck.

This completes the "basic folding method". Please enjoy various arrangements based on this.

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