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How to wrap a scarf | "Use a cape" as an accent color for a jacket style

How to wrap a scarf that tends to be difficult. However, as long as you can tie a tight knot, you can make about 10 different scarf wrapping variations.

Once you know how to do it, arranging a scarf is a reliable item that makes the impression very easy and gorgeous.

This time, we will introduce the "cape use" that can make the color pattern of the scarf look bigger. The bright color of the scarf peeking out from under the jacket or coat is a nice accent to your outfit.

How to wind the "Cape Tsukasa"

① Fold the scarf vertically in half

It is an image that makes a rectangle with a scarf.

②Fold while holding two points on the diagonal of the rectangle

From the shape of ①, you can create a neat diagonal line by sliding your left or right hand downwards.

③ Put it over your shoulder and tie it twice around your chest.

You can tie it smoothly by keeping the tag away from where you want to tie it.

④ Completion

If you change the knot, the impression changes completely

We also recommend arranging the knot on your shoulder or back after you complete it.

The interesting thing about scarves is that the impression changes completely just by changing the visible pattern and the shape of the drape. Please look for the best way to show it according to the outfit of the day.

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How to wrap a scarf | "Use a cape" as an accent color for a jacket style