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How to wear a scarf

How to wrap a scarf that tends to be difficult. However, as long as you can tie a tight knot, you can make about 10 different scarf wrapping variations.

Once you know how to do it, arranging a scarf is a reliable item that makes the impression very easy and gorgeous.

This time, we would like to introduce the compact "twisted choker" among scarf arrangements. The elegant luster of silk, which is emphasized by twisting the scarf, adds color to your outfit as if it were an accessory.

How to tie a "twisted choker"

① Fold the scarf according to the "basic folding method"

Make a long ribbon-like shape by following the steps in "Basic folding method" .

② Hold the ribbon-shaped scarf with your left and right hands

At this time, one hand (the hand higher in this photo) should hold the end of the scarf as much as possible.

③Twist the scarf with the other hand while fixing one hand holding the end

The trick is to twist a lot without hesitation. Depending on how much you twist, the finish will change, such as the thickness of the scarf.

④ Bring both hands in front of your chest while holding both ends of the scarf

While the scarf is naturally twisted as shown in the photo, it will be folded in half.

⑤ Put the twisted scarf around your neck

Wrap the folded scarf around your neck. Either left or right is fine.

⑥ Pass the tip of the scarf through the loop at the end of the other scarf and tie it firmly.

Pass only one end of the scarf through the loop. Then tie the knot twice to keep it in place.

⑦ Completion

Adjust the position of the knot to your preferred position according to the coordination of the day.

By shifting the position of the knot on the “twisted choker” to the side or back, you can change the pattern that comes out and create a different impression. So please incorporate scarves into your daily life and enjoy arranging them.


Writing and editing: Eri Yoshida

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