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How to tie a scarf | Easy and gorgeous with a simple “basic hard knot”

How to wrap a scarf that tends to be difficult. However, as long as you can tie a tight knot, you can make about 10 different scarf wrapping variations.

Once you know how to do it, arranging a scarf is a reliable item that makes the impression very easy and gorgeous.

This time, we will introduce the simplest and easiest way to tie a knot, the "basic hard knot," and how to arrange it.

How to tie a "basic hard knot"

① Fold the scarf according to the "basic folding method"

Make a long ribbon-like shape by following the steps in "Basic folding method" .

② Put the mountain fold part up and put it on your neck

At this time, if the length of the left and right ends is different by 5 to 7 cm, the left and right sides will be perfectly aligned.

③ Tighten the knot twice

Tie a tight knot at the neck twice.

I think it's easier to understand if you can watch the video to see how to tie it in detail. When tying the second knot, you can create a beautiful finish by passing the other side through the back and tying it together as if you were making a loop with the obi on the top.

④ Completion

The trick is the strength of the tie. When you tie it the first time, don't tighten it too tightly.

You can also enjoy changing the impression with a simple arrangement

Arrangement 1

Even if you just bring one side of the ribbon to your back, the impression will change completely.

Arrangement ② Bring it directly behind

We also recommend an arrangement that brings both ribbons to the back. The back style gives a gorgeous impression at once.

Incorporate scarves into your daily life and enjoy arranging them with the “Basic Knot”.


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