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How to wrap a scarf | "Bolero wear", which is active in spring and summer, is also recommended as a countermeasure against air conditioning

How to wrap a scarf that tends to be difficult. However, as long as you can tie a tight knot, you can make about 10 different scarf wrapping variations.

Once you know how to do it, arranging a scarf is a reliable item that makes the impression very easy and gorgeous.

This time, we would like to introduce the "Bolero Tsukai" that can be used as a little haori in the spring and summer. Warm and light silk is easy to carry, so it is recommended to slip it in your everyday bag and wear it quickly when the air conditioning is a little tight.

How to make a "Bolero user"

① Fold the scarf in two

Hold the scarf as shown in the picture and fold it in two.

② Tie the ends firmly

Tie the ends of the four overlapping corners twice to secure them.

③ Securely tie the other end

Tie the other end twice in the same way as step 2.

④ Put it on so that you can pass your arms through the loop

Pass your arm through the loop created by tying the four corners together.

⑤ Completion

Adjust the position and you are done. Another feature of this usage is that it makes the scarf's pattern look bigger. The back style can show a gorgeous pattern.

“Bolero use” is one of the most casual ways to use a scarf, as it can be easily tied and worn on the go. Warm silk is also useful as a countermeasure against the cold, so please try it once.

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