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Renakunatta's 6 Spring/Summer Staff Coordinates | Yokohama Hand-printed Scarf Edition

Renakunatta has many items that are simple and easy to match with any outfit. For this reason, customers often ask us about the staff's recommended coordination.

Therefore, we will introduce the coordination ideas that the staff who are familiar with Renac Natta's items have realistically incorporated.

This time, we will take up Yokohama hand-printed scarves, which are highly used by our staff. It is a popular item that 90% of Renakunatta staff have.

Renacnatta's scarves, which are completed with high-quality silk and meticulously hand-crafted by craftsmen, brighten up your outfit just by wearing them, and are useful regardless of the season. There are currently two colors available, so many of our staff choose colors that are easy to match with their own clothes.

I will quickly introduce how each is arranged.

[Staff Coordination 1] Sparkle and accent color with a scarf ring

Representative Okochi loves a scarf ring that she inherited from her grandmother. In addition to the color of the scarf, the gold ring makes it even more gorgeous.

In addition, the scarf is arranged symmetrically on the left and right, but by breaking the balance between the left and right, the coordination will have volume and movement. It is also recommended to add such play to a simple dress.

[Staff outfit 2] If you put it on quickly, you can also avoid air conditioning

Tomiko, who is in charge of the newsletter, goes out with a scarf in her bag as a talisman for going out.

Renac Natta's Yokohama hand-printed scarf is 100% silk. When you look at the silk fibers under a microscope, you can see that there are countless holes in them, and they have a structure that naturally insulates the air. This is why silk is said to be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Therefore, if you put it on when you enter a room with strong air conditioning, it will become a reliable companion for cold countermeasures.

The trick when carrying it around is to put it in a cloth bag. Silk is a delicate material, and if it gets caught on something in your bag, it will cause damage. Because it can be used for a long time, please use it with care.

[Staff outfit 3] Layer it over a turtleneck for a cool look

The weak point of silk scarves is that they are vulnerable to water and sweat. Therefore, many people may hesitate to use it in the summer.

Yoshida, who is in charge of magazines, recommends pairing it with a sleeveless turtleneck. Since it does not touch the skin directly, you can enjoy wearing a scarf without worrying about sweat.

[Staff outfit 4] A simple white dress gives it a unique presence

Coordinates that enjoy the presence of a scarf are also recommended. White dresses tend to be worn in the summer, but just throwing a scarf boldly diagonally will instantly increase the degree of fashion.

The hand-printed scarf is hand-printed by craftsmen one by one. "Yokohama Hand Printed Silk Scarf" uses a total of 22 colors, and is characterized by its painting-like depth and delicacy.

Coordination that makes the scarf look wider is a combination that can demonstrate the true potential of this scarf.

[Staff Coordination 5] Create a classical atmosphere with "basic hard knots"

When arranging a scarf, you can't miss the "basic tight knot" introduced in Renac Natta MAGAZINE. It is a staple that shows various patterns and expressions drawn on the scarf.

At first glance, it looks difficult to tie a scarf, but once you learn it, it's easy, and it's an excellent arrangement that will blend in with any outfit. If you are new to scarves, please try this knot.

[Staff outfit 6] As an accent that casually peeks out from under the haori

The "basic folding method" for scarves introduced in Renac Natta MAGAZINE. Various scarf arrangements can be created from this shape, but it is also recommended to simply hang it around your neck without tying it.

If you put a cardigan or shirt over it, you can see the colorful pattern of the scarf and it will be a good accent.

Enjoy coordination with your own balance

Looking at the staff's coordination examples, it seems that they enjoy changing the arrangement according to their body shape, clothes, and the color and pattern of the scarf they want to show off.

I dared to break the balance and make it asymmetrical, increase the area of ​​​​the cloth of the scarf, and reduce it. By all means, please refer to the staff coordination and study how to use a scarf that suits your style.

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