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3 ways to wrap a silk scarf in summer. Ideas for avoiding air conditioning and sweating

Don't you have fewer opportunities to use your silk scarf in the hot summer? It is true that silk scarves are vulnerable to sweat and water, so some ingenuity is required to wear them in the summer.

So this time, we will introduce you to the summer silk scarf arrangement ideas recommended by Renac Natta.

The large scarf “Yokohama Tenassen Collection” from Renac Natta is used. It has a wider range of arrangements than the smaller sizes, and the beautiful luster of silk complements your outfit, so it is recommended for beginners.

1, A clever and gorgeous "twisted choker" that reduces the contact surface with the skin

A particularly compact "twisted choker" among scarf arrangements. Since there is little contact with the skin, it is easy to coordinate even in seasons when sweat is a concern.

The sheen of silk emphasized by twisting the scarf instantly elevates the outfit.

We also recommend pairing it with a sleeveless turtleneck. Since it does not touch the skin directly, you can enjoy wearing a scarf without worrying about sweat.

2, The gold glitter of the “scarf ring” goes well with summer

Combining the gold “scarf ring” with a scarf will add a glamorous look that is perfect for summer.

Pair with a simple summer dress for an eye-catching accent.

A common concern with such a scarf ring is "worried about it falling off". Just by devising the procedure for threading the scarf through the ring, it will stay beautiful all day without slipping.

The article below will guide you through the process.

3, "Bolero" that can be quickly put on as a countermeasure against air conditioning

"Bolero use" is useful as a little haori. Silk fibers have countless holes when viewed under a microscope, and have a structure that naturally insulates the air. This is why silk is said to be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Therefore, when you enter a room with strong air conditioning, it becomes a reliable companion for cold countermeasures. Light silk is easy to carry around, so we recommend putting it in your bag and wearing it quickly when the air conditioning is a little tight.

Even if you say scarf arrangement to a person, the impression varies. The charm of scarves is that you can enjoy various arrangements according to your mood and coordination of the day. Please enjoy it all year round.

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