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For those who purchase renacnatta for the first time

For those who are interested in renacnatta, we have summarized our philosophy, product lineup, and how to purchase.

“What kind of brand is Renac Natta?”
"I'm curious, but I want to see the real thing and decide."
"How should I buy it?"

I would like to answer such questions.

Renacnatta's Thoughts: "Wearing the Culture" of Japan and Italy

Renacnatta is a brand that develops items that combine Italian and Japanese materials with the concept of “wearing culture”. The origin of the brand name is that dead stock silk that is no longer used in Japan and Italy is reborn into something new .

The " Dead Stock Collection ", which has been on sale since the brand started in 2016, offers reversible skirts using silk kimono rolls procured in Japan and dead stock silk from Italy.

The representative, Aika Okochi, grew up in Italy and has roots, so it is characterized by the combination of Japanese silk and Italian silk, materials with different backgrounds that would not normally meet.

In addition, we have collaborated with companies and craftsmen who have inherited the traditional crafts of the declining industry that have been made more than before, such as the " Nishijin-ori Collection " made with Nishijin textiles, and the charm of gold. " Kinsai Collection " is also available.

We place great importance on adding “universal value” to our products .

In today's world, which is overflowing with clothes and items, we have a variety of choices. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the fact that Japan throws away 3.3 billion garments, or 1 million tons of clothes each year, due to fast fashion fads and trend fragmentation.

Under such circumstances, I would like you to create options to wear while feeling the culture, the history of materials, and the craftsmen who make them, and enjoy them. If you actually touch traditional crafts, you will understand why they have been handed down from hundreds to thousands of years ago. There is certainly a "universal value" there, and there is a strength that makes you fascinated by the technique rather than the word "traditional craft".

Renac Natta was born from the desire to create new products that make the most of such universal values ​​and convey them to as many people as possible. I want to see a world in which "something with unchanging value" remains, and where the people who can leave it live and work.

The number of people who agree with this idea will increase, and it will become a hot topic around those who wear it, and it will be transmitted and spread. I am sending it out into the world.

There are two ways to sell products

All products can be purchased from the official Renac Natta website, but there are two types of sales methods: “inventory sales” and “made-to-order sales”. The purchase method and delivery period will change, so let me explain these two sales methods first.

Stock items

Renakunatta's signature collection, dead stock skirts, etc., are available in stock. Items that are in stock can be delivered relatively quickly as they will be shipped within a few days after purchase.

However, they also sell one-of-a-kind skirts made from dead stock fabrics, so popular items and patterns may sell out immediately after they go on sale.

If there is an item you want, we announce the sales schedule on SNS, etc., so it is recommended that you check there and purchase it on the sales start date.

Made-to-order product

This is a product that is made one by one after receiving an order. Therefore, it takes about 3 months after receiving the order.

This made-to-order product can be "delivered to all customers who have ordered". We sometimes hear that we couldn't buy the pattern we wanted with a dead stock skirt," but with made-to-order products, you can carefully examine and shop.

After receiving your order, the craftsmen from both countries carefully produce and ship the fabric from the production area in Italy, and the yarn is dyed in Japan, so please look forward to it. I would appreciate it if you could wait. Each product also has a sales period, so you can order online during that period.

Try-on events are also held irregularly!

Renakunatta does not have a permanent shop, but we hold fitting events on an irregular basis so that as many people as possible can directly see the size and feel of the pattern before deciding. (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, etc.)

Especially when it comes to build-to-order production, I try to visit each city as much as possible. Even if you haven't decided to buy anything yet, please feel free to visit us if there is an item you are interested in.

Product lineup introduction

From here, we will introduce the specific product lineup.

Dead Stock Collection

This is a collection of reversible skirts that combines dead stock fabrics from Japan and Italy in the basic line of Renac Natta. For kimono fabric, we use silk rolls procured in Japan, and for silk, we use dead stock from Italy, mainly from European high-end brands.

This product was born from the concept of reborn into something new by fusing the kimono cloth that is worn in Japan and the dead stock silk that is used in Italy. rice field.

Sales form: Inventory sales (limited quantity, first-come-first-served basis)

▶ Learn more about the Dead Stock Collection

Kurume-gasuri Collection

A special collection using Kurume Kasuri, a cotton fabric produced mainly in the Chikugo region in southern Fukuoka Prefecture. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is unique to cotton.

This product is a semi-order type, and you can order the length, Kurume Kasuri pattern, and Italian cotton pattern in your favorite combination.

Sales form: Made-to-order

▶Learn more about the Kurume-gasuri Collection

Tango Crimson Collection

"Tango Crimen Collection" is a wrap skirt using Tango chirimen, a traditional craft used for kimono fabrics. In collaboration with Hayato Usui, the 3rd generation owner of Usui Orimono, we have created items that allow you to enjoy the different expressions and textures of chirimen, while designing chirimen, which has a strong image of "wa", to blend in with modern life. increase.

Sales form: Made-to-order

▶Learn more about the Tango Crimen Collection

Kinsai Collection

A collection of ear accessories made from Kyoto's traditional gold painting on Italian silk.

Kinsai is a traditional craft that is said to have been established in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, which is the process of applying gold leaf to Kyo-Yuzen kimonos. However, gold color is steadily declining along with kimono.

At Renacnatta, we applied gold color on Italian silk and incorporated it into an ear accessory that can be easily worn, making it an item that you can feel more familiar with.

All products are hand-painted one by one by Natsuko Ueda, who works as a gold painter and artist in Kyoto.

Sales form: Inventory sales

▶Learn more about the Kinsai Collection

Nishijin-ori Collection

This is a special collection using Nishijin textile.

It is a set-up dress made from Nishijin textile, a representative traditional craft of Kyoto, and named "a wedding dress that can be worn for a lifetime" with the desire to wear it not only for the ceremony but also for every important life event afterward. I'm here.

Because Nishijin weave is woven from polyester, it is resistant to water and friction, making it easier to handle than silk Nishijin weave. You can enjoy the soft texture and elegant luster that are not inferior to silk. Please enjoy the modern Nishijin textile.

Sales form: Made-to-order

▶Learn more about the Nishijin-ori Collection

[Special Project] Collaboration with Shiki Theater Company

This is a limited collaboration item with Shiki Theater Company. A unique collaboration project between fashion and theater has started under the theme of “#clothes that make you think about the theater”.

In the first collaboration, we used Banshu weave, which boasts a history and tradition of over 230 years and is characterized by the natural texture of cotton and rich colors. We are developing items such as mermaid style wrap skirts and headbands that make the most of the texture of the fabric.

Sales form: Inventory sales & build-to-order manufacturing

Yokohama Tenassen Collection

A Yokohama silk scarf made with a technique called Tenassen.

Te Nassen is a traditional technique that has been developed in Yokohama since the Meiji era. It is characterized by vivid and beautiful color development as much as it takes time and effort.

Despite the world's highest quality technology, the number of factories in Japan capable of hand-printing is decreasing due to the fact that inkjets have become mainstream. In order to preserve the tradition, we made scarves together with craftsmen who have inherited the techniques.

Sales form: Inventory sales

▶Learn more about the Yokohama Tenassen Collection

The latest information is being sent on SNS

We post product sales schedules, information on try-on events, and stories about new products on various SNS!


On Instagram, we show you products through photos and videos, and tell you about sales information.

Before the release of new products, we will tell you about the products and how they are worn on Instagram live, and answer your questions, so if there is a product you are interested in, please take a look.

Twitter (Lenaknatta)

Here, too, we introduce products along with photos and send out sales information.

I would like you to check Instagram and Twitter, those who use it often, but Twitter may be easier to check the latest information such as sales information and fitting events.

Twitter (Aika Okouchi)

This is the personal account of the representative Okochi. We also share behind-the-scenes stories about product development and information about our sister brand, cravatta by renacnatta, so we want to know more about the brand! If you are interested, please follow us.


I don't want to miss the latest information! For those who say, LINE is recommended. We will inform you about the release schedule of new products and the date and time of the fitting event.

We have introduced various things about Renacnatta, but I hope you have understood the brand and how to purchase it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via LINE or the inquiry form .

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